Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shameless Pluggery

Someone suggested that I associate this blog with a Twitter account, to announce posts, etc. It surprised me, since I've pretty much had a "meh" relationship with Twitter over the last few years. I have a personal Twitter account that I haven't seen much use for, except for reading my feed while sitting around in doctors' office waiting rooms. The one I created for my Spinning class was pretty much limited in audience to the class, and nobody looked at it, so I deleted that one.

Promotion, however? Yeah, I guess that works. Let's see how this goes.

New blog posts will be announced there (for those who don't want to deal with RSS subscriptions), and maybe little bits and pieces that aren't all that suited for a full-fledged blog post. And no, I'm not announcing this post via Twitter. Too meta. :-)


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